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Kenne Bell Superchargers


Kenne Bell, an icon in the world of high performance, was formed in 1968 by Jim Bell, originally specializing in normally aspirated V8 and V6 Buicks. The company has long been recognized as a “super tuner” and innovator of high tech performance products, particularly in the area of turbocharging and supercharging.

Over the years, Kenne Bell owned or sponsored Buick’s which were always in the spotlight, setting numerous records in NHRA drag racing. Twice, Kenne Bell cars received “Best Engineered Car Awards.” Kenne Bell supplied equipment for the Buick Indy pace cars, and worked closely with the factory on parts development. We also engineered many hi-tech products for the infamous Turbocharged V6 Buick Grand National and the GMC Syclone truck. Our successes with the D’Alessandro/Kenne Bell “Worlds Fastest and Quickest Single Turbo 231″ Street GN” are well known. It is credited with being the first Turbo Buick in the 11’s, 10’s and 9’s, winning and/or setting fast times at the 1989, 1990 and 1991 Buick GS Nationals in the hotly contested Turbo Junior Stock Class – testimony to the expertise of Kenne Bell product engineering. In December ’94, the D’Alessandro/Kenne Bell Single Turbo Stage 1 Buick made history; the first Single Turbo “street” Stage 1 Buick to run in the 7’s (7.99/167.25) – a record that has never been broken.

Today, Kenne Bell specializes and is committed to supercharging. Kenne Bell’s racing heritage and reputation as a master tuner/calibrater/builder of high performance late model supercharged vehicles of all sizes is legendary.

The D3 Group is an authorized installer and tuner for all Kenne Bell products. Kenne Bell has bolt-on kits ready for direct install for most popular modern muscle car applications, further more the D3 Group offers custom installation of the Kenne Bell supercharger systems to help your performance goals.

D3 offers flat rate pricing for 3rd party product kit installation. For more information please contact our motorsport department by emailing them directly to

Kenne Bell Features:

  • 2.8L Supercharger
  • 3.6L Supercharger
  • 4.2L Supercharger
  • Available in Black or Full Polished
  • Bolt on kits available for most modern muscle cars!
  • Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang, and Dodge Hemi bolt on kit available!

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The D3 Workshop pledges guaranteed installation and tuning for all products purchased.  We also offer flat rate install prices for all manufacturer’s “kits” this way there is no surprise cost for installation and parts purchases.  For more information please contact our sales team at